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Before we bury you

Dear Lightning Bug, It has been over two weeks since I first held you in my arms, over four months too soon. Two weeks since we gave you your “real” name, Alexander Gregory.  Two weeks since we told you goodbye.   I am so sad that you aren’t with us, inside me anymore. Every doctor […]

move your feet when you pray, child

I just realized I need to run. Or swing dance. Either will do as long as I do it to the point past exhaustion.

not a happy bouncy post.

Cancer. It’s a recurring theme in my poetry and what my hypochondriac-in-denial self is sure to die from, if I don’t die of a heart attack or in a car crash first. The thought of it scares the crap out of me, turns my insides to mush, makes my throat tight. And that’s when I […]

torch bearing quietly

I will not act out, will not
yell or curse or slam doors,
will not make a scene -- you
do not deserve such a chance
to make an example out of me
to be proven right since you
are not. Instead, I'll stand
at this street corner, raise
my hand high and clench that
light which yet remains. It
will burn brightly, quietly,
fiercely before fading as I.

Then I'll be gone but found.

©JAC 2005

Poetry by Julie Ann Cook!

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Love Like Weeds
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